Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Borrowed Time - Fear : Yourself

Fear: Yourself

3 Years ago

“My son…It is with deep sorrow that I leave this message…
Please understand that none of this is what I had intended…
Not for you…”-Letter

Farrell walks alone down an alleyway.
He is pushed from behind.
He turns around to find two men threatening him
He lowers his brow

“There ain’t nothing for you here, freak”-Man 2

Farrell pushes one of the two men back.

“What the hell is your problem?”-Farrell

“I wish I could say that my choices had been made for me…
But the choice was mine alone. I must leave you here…and for that I am truly sorry.” –Letter

Farrell allows himself to be hit by one of the men falling backwards into a wall

“I know sometimes it seem like it, but, the people of this town…are not evil people…Not all of them.
There is something about you...that will stop them from accepting you…”-Letter

Farrell stands in the rainy alleyway arguing with the two men.

“You think you belong here? You think anybody wants you and yours around?”-Man

“I was born here! This is my town too! This is my home!”-Farrell

“Well maybe you should find a new freak!”-Man 2

“And although it is with no fault of your own...
They will hate you because they fear you…never knowing why.
And sometimes…you may even fear yourself, my son…”-Letter

One of the men pulls a gun, and suddenly a glowing golden clock face appears hovering in front of Farrell’s chest with hands spinning at a blur as his eyes glow the same color, and a look of terror on his face.
 The gunman is immediately elbowed across the forehead sending him whirling backwards, as the second man looks on in fear as Farrell bares his teeth with a roar. The second man falls to the ground terrified and crawling backwards. As Farrell sees this his face changes to terror once again as he looks at his left hand. 

“I knew you were a freak…I just knew it...”-Man 2

Farrell looks at his hand with a worried look.
Fade out
[Present day.] 
Farrell walks into his house


Farrell finds his mother on the floor and his house in shambles as terror fills his heart.

He bursts into the hospital holding his mother yelling for help.
The doctors take her on a stretcher.
We see him from the back with his head down watching her wheeled away.
He sits with his back to a rain soaked window with a worried yet angered look on his face.
He lowers his head to think.

“I told you to stay away from my daughter, boy. Told you, you weren’t right for her.”-Girl’s father.

He looks up enraged

“Did you do this?!...”-Farrell

Farrell grabs the man and slams the him against the glass behind him cracking it

“Did you send people after my mother?!”-Farrell

Farrell lifts him off the ground by his shirt

“They were looking for you! I’ve got to protect my kin!
You know that! You’d do the same!”-Girl’s father.

“Protect her from who?! Me?! I’m in love with her! I’m no threat to her!
And if you gave a damn about her wishes you’d see that she’s of a similar mind. But you don’t care about that do you?”-Farrell

Farrell drops him on the bench he himself was on.
Farrell starts to walk away

“No…I don’t care…Not one bit. You’ll never be like us. You can dress a wolf in the finest sheepskin but that don’t change a damn thing. You’re a jobless bad boy from a broken home. You’re nobody.”-Girl’s father.
Farrell stops
“You know what? You’re right…I’ll never be one of you. But with all due dwindling respect, sir? That’s suits me just fine”-Farrell

Farrell continues to walk away
An emergency siren bellows from outside the hospital


Farrell runs outside to see his city on fire.
A window with TV’s beside him all showing the monster.

“But it is what makes you different that they fear. They believe power itself to be inherently evil…
and so they paint you the same. But one day you will prove them wrong.
One day they will need you as they needed me.
Because the devil always comes…He merely changes faces.”-Letter

Farrell stands outside and looks down at his chest where he had seen the glowing clock face before. He faces the city, and finds a way to summon it again.

Farrell starts to run toward the destruction at an immense speed

“With all my love…”-Letter

To be continued

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Dream Job Offer.

As some of you may know I have struggled with finding work as a multimedia expert, and have struggled just as hard to find any work at all up until three years ago because somehow I could not get anyone to hire me anywhere. However, once I did break into being a sales rep, I quickly found my way up the ladder, and have been in a few positions which I was quite happy with. However I still hold out hope of finding a great 3D multimedia position. 

So imagine my surprise when I get a phone call out of the blue from a company looking for just that. It was a position for a 3D specialist with my skill set. So I interviewed with him on the phone.
Now what I somehow missed was the fact that this position was in the Dallas/Arlington area, and that I would have to move away from my family, and convince my fiancé to move with me as well. Still I heard him out, and was really interested in finding out more. I did not hear from him again for another month or two but when I did. I realized that is was indeed in Arlington, TX, but that it was basically my dream job as a multimedia 3D expert.

So this set up the interview with the actual client where there were misunderstandings a plenty. But I seemed to impress them.

From then on I waited a few weeks to hear back, and when I finally was contacted it was by another 3rd party hiring firm who was in charge of salary details, and start date. I informed them of my salary requirements, and my starting date. I also let them know I would want to put in my two week notice for my current position. They agreed and informed me that they would get back to me.

On April first however I received a phone call from my contact informing me that I had been selected for the position, that they had not only accepted my salary requirements, but actually raised them by $5,000 a year, and were going to pay me a $2,500 relocation fee. I was extremely excited as anyone would be that all of the sudden my dream job had fallen into my lap, and was planning to pay me enough money to make up for all the years of trying. To top it off the position was with a combination of two huge game companies I've always wanted to work for.

I was then told that I should put in my two week notice immediately, we set a start date, and I was told that I would receive the emailed job offer that Friday or Monday at the latest. However...Friday came and went, along with Monday…I called my contact there and there was no answer. I then emailed the first person who emailed me asking for the offer letter and received an odd response.

“This requirement is taken care by Seema she will reach you directly if we need to schedule interviews with the customer.”-Sunil.

To which I replied

“You seem to have misunderstood. I was offered the position. Seema called me, offered me the position, and told me to put in my two week notice. After that I did not hear from her again. This does not seem like a normal thing to do to someone so I was wondering if I could receive the offer letter, otherwise there is nothing to the job offer.”

His next response was just as odd. “Please coordinate with Seema. Excuse typos!”-Sunil
The problem was that Seema apparently did not answer her phone. So I asked Sunil for her email address. He did not respond. The next day I asked him again, and it wasn’t until the next day that he gave me her email address. I then decided to write her.
You offered me this position April first, you told me to put my two week notice in, and you never called me back. I have called your number several times. I have left a message with you. I have emailed Sunil, and other contact people in your company. I am at a loss as to why somebody would offer someone a job, tell them to leave their stable job and then never contact them again. I really feel like this needs an explanation.”
She actually responded to me with this…

“I apologize for any confusion but when we talked, I mentioned the position is almost confirmed but I still needed the written confirmation from the client and I will get back to you with the joining date if we will proceed with your hiring.

 I also tried reaching your number two times and left a voice message too but never got a call back on my cell number as requested so thought you would not have been interested in further discussions.”
Right…so…I wrote her back…

“I received no phone calls, no voicemails, and no emails. I can only assume you have my email and possibly you got my phone number wrong? I do have the job offer phone call recorded and have re-listened to it. There was no confusion. I was offered the job, I was told to put my two week notice on April 2nd, and you told me that I would receive the offer letter by Friday, or Monday at the latest.
You also told me you would send me an email that night confirming that I was chosen to take the position. So I'm still confused by this. I could've put in my two week notice and ended up jobless at this point.”
Her final response to me was very similar to all the others. She completely missed the point.

“As I talked to you to find out if you were still available for that position and when you would be able to join. After that the position went on hold from the client side and did not proceed with your hiring.
 I tried reaching you over the phone and ended up in leaving the voice message. I did not try calling you after two times as was not even sure if have been reaching you on the correct number. Again, I sincerely apologize for all this.”

So here you have it. One call out of the blue, several interviews, one life changing job offer, a request to leave my job that could’ve ruined my life, and one “sincere apology.” I wasn’t sure what to write back, but I decided I would ask for the offer letter anyway to shop around town for a similar position.